This sleek fighter is the fastest and most advanced stock fighter in ShiCon's XT-line. Size and weight have been reduced radically and new, advanced thrusters have been added at the expense of a yet acceptable reduction of shield strength and weapon charge.

While it is a formal successor to the Outdated but yet popular XT-2 Series, many see it as the true essence of what the flawed original XT-1 Interceptor should and could have been and more, combining the speed and small shape of an interceptor with the adequate weaponry and long range capability of the Victory Mk2.

Despite its overall superiority the Piranha took a fair amount of time to establish itself, owed in nos mall part to its initially long development time and failry high production costs. This, rather than taking over the Victory Mk2's place it was instead employed as an additional force for special assignments.


  • The Piranha was originally designed as the personal starfighter of Vince Darkhunter. Which he used to escape the Dhilani flagship Leviathan during the Battle for Bricera in the fifth LIONS comic.
  • Several changes have been made to the model since the original design, which would later be re-introduced as the XT-38 Cobra.
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