The XT-25 B Raptor is the fifth iteration in ShiCon's XT2-series. Commonly referred to as the Victory Mk2, being a complete revision of the Victory's base design to produce a fighter craft dedicated for pure combat superiority. Benefitting from new R&D breakthroughs in power distribution and resource management the 'Vic2' has received major upgrades to weapons, shields and engines, while maintaining the same sleek frame as its predecessor.

The XT-25 is equipped with a pair of dual-barreled DIP-cannon and a set of warhead launchers, each carrying a paiload of up to 8 warheads.

List of Squadrons

Squadron Name No. of Ships Commander Faction
Phantom Squadron 12 Vince Trageton, Myrna Qhalic, Murphy Kane UPMF, PSA

Dev notes

This ship and other BPC designs currently undergoing a design revision. This may range from minor visual changes in some caes to complete redesigns in others. Details can be found here.

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