The XT-25 B Raptor is the fifth iteration in ShiCon's XT2-series. Commonly referred to as the Victory Mk2, being a complete revision of the Victory's base design to produce a fighter craft dedicated for pure combat superiority. Benefitting from new R&D breakthroughs in power distribution and resource management the 'Vic2' has received major upgrades to weapons, shields and engines, while maintaining the same sleek frame as its predecessor.

The XT-25 is equipped with a pair of dual-barreled DIP-cannon and a set of warhead launchers, each carrying a paiload of up to 8 warheads.

List of Squadrons

Squadron Name No. of Ships Commander Faction
Phantom Squadron 12 Vince Trageton, Myrna Qhalic, Murphy Kane UPMF, PSA