As the first model from ShiCon Dynamics' XT-series of long range starfighters the Viper was commissioned by the Cophuranee Government roughly thirty years before the foundation of the United Planets as a means to secure in-system travel routes. The goal was to provide mobile long range fighter support that didn't have to rely on carrier vessels or local outposts.

Following Cophuranee design traits the Viper's design is compact, simple and practical. Being a long range craft it seeks to maintain the balance between combat-worthy performance and adequate comfort to accommodate the pilot during long-distance flights.

A credit to its compact design and sturdy reliability the Viper has been in active service for many years, despite the development of more advanced models being released. Eventually Cophuran withdrew their exclusive claim and Vipers were also sold to museums and private buyers.

List of Squadrons

Squadron name No. of Ships Faction
Hunter Squadron 12 Repubic of Cophuran
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