Transports greatly vary in size, style and purpose. They range from personal shutle to heavy assault gunship.

Shuttles & Personal Transports

These small transport ships are primarily designed for personnel transport, both short and long range. With only light weaponry they rely on fighter escort through hostile environments and are mostly designed to outrun any pursuers.


The ShiCon Dynamics BRX-700 Combat Yacht is a light multi-purpose transport commonly used throughout the company's reach. Because of its compact and practical design, its flexibility and excellent handling the "BR7" is one of the most popular transport vessels, performing a wide array of tasks.


The BRX-750 Combat Yacht, codanamed 'Scorpion', was ShiCon's solution to several high profile requests for a more combat-worthy light transport by incorporating some of the most successful modifications right into the stock version.


The lightly armed Dhilani Stingray is a small personnel transport that is mainly used by Dhilani high honorables and statesmen. Although it is capable of long-distance travel, it's yet mostly used for short-range journeys, as Dhilani officials prefer the safety of heavily armed battleships for longer journeys.

The Sinicyan Amazon is a light personnel transport armed for combat. Like many Sinix-originating vessels its design is sleek and aerodynamic in order to safely navigate through the planet's turbulent atmosphere, a fact that gives these ships a general advantage over spacebound vessels from other manufacturors.

Gunships & Yachts

Measuring up to a hundred meters these transports carry a crew of 3 to 10 and are well equipped for long range voyages. Varying in armarment and speed medium transports' roles vary between comfortable yachts and powerful gunships.

The GT-5000 Transport series is ShiCon Dynamics’ new line of state-of-the-art armed transports bridging the gap between yachts and corvettes. With about 60 meters in length this combat vehicle adapts the features, the speed and and combatability of the successful BRX-Yacht series while allowing for much larger space and cargo capacities.
The Delta TX-1 Yacht is a prototype hybrid between a yacht and a gunship, which is as much comfortable as it is combat-worthy. About 70 meters in length it offers spacious living quarters and lounge, while carrying various weapon systems, including several quad DIP turrets, forward laser and EMP cannons and a pair of multishot missile launchers.
The Cophuranee Centurion-5 Assault Transport is a bulky and heavily armored assault transport capable to transport and deploy half a battalion of troops in enemy territory. The Centurion is a truthful blockade runner, designed to punch through anything that is thrown at it. Its extensive offensive and defensive weaponry deal out large amounts of damage, while powerful shields and armor plating allow it to withstand severe punishment.

The R22 Banshee is a troop transport for police and security forces, designed to perform well strongly populated urban areas of Khetaris' megatropolis. To achieve this, Chicono Engineering designed the vessel's thrusters to rotate freely and independently around the ship's X-axis, which allows for very quick turns, stops and evasions.

Although commissioned by the Khetarian government, the transport soon found its way to corporate militia and organized mercenary groups.

The Gamma-14 Serpent is a medium Gunship designed for long range patrols and sector authority. Constructed in stock by Mitech Industries, a collaboration with ShiCon Dynamics produced a series of performance and combat upgrades which were incorporated into the base line. Thus the Serpent is available in three distinct versions.
The PS-42 Armadillo is a heavy gunship of approx. 80m length. A small flying fortress, large enough to carry a small strike force and enough firepower and adequate armoring to hold its ground against superior opposition, making up for its below average speed and maneuverability.

Labeled a Gunship it can well serve as a mobile command center in situations or locations less suitable for capital ships.

Freighters & Corvettes

These ships bridge the gap between transports and capital ships. Depending on configuration they may vary in size from less than 100 meters to several hundred and their crew size varies accordingly from 5 to 50. Armod freighters are employed in a multitude of tasks from freight transport to even convoy escort.

The CF-17 E-Type Bullturtle is a sturdy and reliable long range freight vessel about a hundred meters in lengthm abke ti haul several hundred tons of cargo.

Not exactly fast it is however well armed to guard against pirate attacks and is therefore suitable to transport more valuable cargo even without additional escorts.

Should fighter support be yet be required, the freighter features a series of docking ports to carry its escort for long range journeys.

The sleek CSX-600 Trinity-class Corvette is ShiCon Dynamics' largest transport vessel. Fast and maneuverable it was originally designed as a transit vessel for higher ranking personnel. Due to its flexibility the CSX-600 was soon found well suitable for troop deployment and evacuation as well as even deep space combat missions.
The Liberator-class Corvette is an armored freighter constructed by the independent Chicono Yards, suitable for both transporting valuable cargo and and accompanying freighters on their transit through unsecured territory.
The Delta-19 Basilisk is a light Corvette of roughly 150m length, continuing a line of long range transport ships started with the Gamma-14 Serpent.
The Sinicyan Maiden II is a medium sized exploration vessel designed for long distance travel and sector presence establishment. For this purpose it carries a wing of auxillary vessels such as Miners, Repair Craft and Fighters. 
The Sinicyan Princess is a large transport ship mainly designed for passenger transport. Due to its speed and adequate defensive capabilities it is often used by Sinicyan dignitaries for inter-system travel.
Riquanee Hammerhead The Hammerhead is a small armed freighter, used mainly by pirate and mercenary groups.

Comparison Table

Model Nr. Ship Name Ship Type Manufacturer Used by Length Speed
BRX-700 Shuttle ShiCon Dynamics Corp. Various 24m m/s
BRX-750 Scorpion Armed Shuttle ShiCon Dynamics Corp. Various 24m m/s
AF1 Amazon Armed Shuttle Mitech Space Engineering Sinician Matriarcy 26m m/s
Stingray Shuttle Charnali Fleet Yards Dhilani Armada 25m m/s
GT-5000 Armed Transport ShiCon Dynamics Corp. Various 59m m/s
Centurion V Gunship Cophris Star Drives Cophuranee Navy 47.3m m/s
R22 Banshee Gunship Khetaris Engineering Khetarian Corporate Militia 49m m/s
Gamma-14 Battlemaiden Gunship Mitech Space Engineering Sinician Matriarcy 52.2m m/s
Delta TX-1 Armed Yacht Various 69.4m m/s
PS-42 Armadillo Gunship 80m m/s
CSX-600 Trinity Corvette ShiCon Dynamics Corp. Various 145m m/s
Bullturtle Freighter Cophris Star Drives 250m
Princess Corvette Mitech Space Engineering Sinician Matriarcy 120m m/s
Liberator Corvette Chicono Shipyards Various 148m m/s
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