The interplanetary time definition UST has been established to create a unified galactic standard in time measurement. Whereas by nature each planet has its own very specific natural time measurements, all these are measured against the Uninified Standard.

Counting forward from the emerging of humans in the new galaxy, UST was already used on Bricera and other human-settled planets and was generalized with the foundation of the United Planets at the Treaty of Hedrec.

The Exodus

Date (UST) Event
-50 (~2300 a.d.) Launch of Project "Exodus": 10,000 settlers leave their home galaxy aboard a hyperspace habitat ship on a revolutionary mission to explore and colonize a new galaxy.

The Arrival (0 - 400 UST)

Date Event

The Exodus arrives at an inhabitable planet, later named Bricera. First human settlement is established by systematically deconstructing the habitat ship.

A long range message drone is dispatched to inform of the mission's success. It never reaches its destination.

5 Technicians reverse-engineer the Exodus' engine system to create a new propulsion system for future space travel.
10 Launch of the first piloted spaceship to explore the planet's vicinity.
28 The First long-range exploration mission across the Hedrec System reveals 6 more planets.
36 First human settlement on Torlax

Early settlement (400 - 800 UST)

Total human population surpasses 100k

Date Event
459 First extrasystem exploration mission
520 First human settlement on Cophuran
638 First long range hyperdrive ready for line production

Expansion (800 - 1600 UST)

Total human population surpasses 1 Million

Date Event
812 Human colonization expands to neighbouring systems. Settlements established on Cophuran, Sinix and Khall.
825 Construction of the first armed starship, the "Protector One", which guards the space around Bricera.
1452 First contact between Cophuran and Dhilon, 'incidents' result in the death or disappearance of various diplomatic delegations
1455 Cophuran begins construction of an orbital defense fleet.
1511 First contact between Cophuran and Corbidia

Reaching out (1600 - 2400 UST)

Total human population surpasses 1 Billion

Date Event
1755 First contact between Sinix and Khetaris
1756 First contact between Sinix and Phaenis
2160 Foundation of the Khall Syndicate
2258 Political disputes erupt between Bricera and Torlax

The Golden Age (2400 - 2500 UST)

Total human population surpasses 1 Trillion across a dozen star systems

Date Event
2218 Shicon Dynamics Corp. is founded on Bricera as a commercial starship manufacturer
2248 First contact between Bricera and Xylthorh

Times of Trial (2500 - 2523 UST)

Date Event
2511 Open war on Chedalon
2517 Fall of the chedalonian government
2520 Dhilani siege over Cophuran
2521 Escalation of the Hedrecian Feud
2522 Purge of the Khisar clan. Fall of Torlax

First Unification (2523 - 2530 UST)

Date Event
2523 Treaty of Hedrec: Bricera, Cophuran and Sinix found the United Planets Alliance
2524 Creation of the United Planets Military Forces and the UPMF Supreme Circle
2526 Chedalon joins the United Planets. Foundation of the UPA Senate
2527 Secret weapons testing in the (INSERT LCATION HERE). First fusion cannon prototype is created.
2528 Construction of the SBC Warrior commences

The Great Schism (2530 - 2545 UST)

Date Event
2530 (late) Dhilani siege over Bricera is repelled by the combined UPMF fleet.
2531 (early) Bricera launches a retaliation campaign against Dhilon. The Crusade escalates in the Dhilon Genocide.

Schism in both the UPA and the UPMF

2531 (mid) Cophuran is excluded from the United Planets and placed under blockade.
2532 The Warrior Uprising: The now renegade Task Force: Warrior wages a guerilla war against the United Planets.
2532 (late) Battle of Cophuran & Khetaris: The resistance defeats the UPMF in a battle of endurance across multiple orbital battlefields.

Despte their victory, the resistance choses to go into exile in the uncharted regions beyond the Bermuda Passage.

2534 Foundation of the Empire of the Seven Suns | Phoenix Systems Alliance
2540 (early) Battle the Adminis System and New Cophuran

Standoff in the Bermuda Passage

Second Unification (2545 - ... UST)

Date Event
2545 (mid) The Unfought Coup: UPMF secretly swear allegiance to the PSA and stage a coup d'etat to take over the United Planets and bring them into the PSA's fold - with little to no resistance.
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