The Seraphim is a heavily armed cruiser of just under a kilometer length. While not as big as any heavy cruisers or battlecruisers its devastating arsenal of both high caliber offensive weaponry as well as numerous point defense cannons make it an equal to any of these. Combined with a powerful mass driver cannon and a pair of prototype Omega beam cannons the Seraphim is an absolutely deadly force to be reckoned with.

Despite its size the Seraphim can be managed by a relatively small crew, thanks in parts to a prototype AI known only as SPECTRE, whose origin - much like that of the ship itself - is shrouded in mystery.

Shroud of mystery

Although most sources agree on it having been discovered in the dark mists of the Bermuda Passage, everything beyond that including the events preceding its discovery is mostly considered folk lore, where some believe it has been constructed in secret by a clandestine organization to overthrow the galaxy while others claim it to be a relic left behind by some ancient precursor species.

Meanwhile any information regarding the ship itself could only be retrieved from alleged eye whitnesses. While many describe it as hardly more than misty shadow, some bits seem to match those of a darkly, thorn-shaped ship, just under one kilometer in length. One matter though, on which all statements seem to agree, is that of its devastating firepower.


Aloing with its primary mass driver cannon, the Seraphim is equipped 9 heavy quad plasma turrets, 10 quad missile launchers, over 30 heavy and medium broadside batteries and about 60 anti fighter and point defense turrets and a pair of prototype Omega beam cannons which are effective to overload enemy shields at long range.


  • The original design for the Seraphim was about 100m shorter. That version currently available as a mod for X-Wing Alliance.
  • Parts of the ship's design originate from a remodelled middle section of the Raptor-class Frigate
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