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Starfighters are small and fast vehicles piloted by one or two pilots, their roles are diverse, ranging from short interceptour, scout to heavy assault bomber.

Transports are small to medium sized ships greatly varying in style and purpose. They range from personal shutle to heavy assault gunship.

Capital Ships are crew-heavy vessels ranging from a few hundred meters to several miles. Their roles in battle vary from offensive, defensive to support and superiority.

Comparison table

Type Avg. size Avg. speed Armor Shields Weapons
Interceptor 6m-12m >1000 m/s Light None Light
Superiority 10m-16m 900-1000 m/s Medium Light Medium
Strike Fighter 14m-20m 800-900 m/s Medium Medium Strong
Gunboat 14m-20m 700-800 m/s Heavy Medium Medium
Bomber 20m-30m 600-700 m/s Heavy Strong Strong
Shuttle 20m-30m 600-700 m/s Light Light Light
Gunship 20m-50m 450-600 m/s Medium Medium Heavy
Yacht 30m-80m 450-600 m/s Medium Medium Light
Assault Transport 40m-80m 450-600 m/s strong Heavy Medium
Corvette 80m-200m 300-450 m/s strong Heavy Medium
Capital Ships
Frigate 200m-500m 300-450 m/s light light light
Destroyer 300m-600m 200-300 m/s medium light light+strong
Cruiser 600m-1,000m 100-200 m/s strong strong strong
Carrier 1,000m-3,000m <100 m/s very strong strong medium
Battlecruiser 1,000m-5,000m <100 m/s very strong very strong strong+super
Dreadnought >5,000m <100 m/s very strong very strong strong+super

Crossover Ships

Crossover Ships are ships of any class, listed separately since they originate from fanfiction and crossover works with other universes such as Star Wars, Halo etc. These are not officially part of the BPC canon.

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