Small and fast vehicles piloted by one or two pilots, their roles are diverse, ranging from short interceptour, scout to heavy assault bomber.

Interceptors & Short Range Starfighters

Interceptors are small, fast and agile one-man starfighters designed for quick intervention or combat in situation where speed and agility is waranted for rather than firepower. Carrier-based these lightweight ships are intended for local deployment, and thus usually have no hyperdrive or shield generator installed for the sake of reducing size and putting a maximum emphasis in speed.

The XT-5 Interceptor is a light carrier-based interceptor fighter and was ShiCon's response to client requests for a small and fast vehicle to protect their trade convoys from pirate attacks. For this, ShiCon product engineers developed a modular concept, which was quick and cheap to produce in large quantities.
The XT-21L Scout is a light carrier-based interceptor within Shicon's XT-2 Victory Series. Fast and agile it has been designed to fill the interceptor gap left by the flawed XT-5.
The XT-20S Stealth is a modified version of the stock XT-20, designed for stealth recon rather than open combat. For this purpose the XT-22 has traded a part of its weaponry, shield strength and armror strength for specially adapted stealth plating, upgraded engines and a short range hyperdrive to allow covert deployment without immediate carrier support.
The F46 Reaper is a light snub fighter, used mainly by mercenaries and pirate groups
The KCL X4 Mosquito is a small carrier-based short range fighter used mainly by Khetarian Coroporations and private militia to provide escort to freight convoys. The vessel is by far the smallest of its class, packing the combat-worthiness of a snubfighter into a frame barely larger than a hoverspeeder.
The FS-65 Vespid is a fast interceptor designed for atmosphere and orbital defense.
The P-114 Triclops is a carrier-based interceptor produced by Shicon Dynamics Corp. and used mainly by the Royal Forces of Torlax.
The T-957 Mantis is a light atmospheric fighter used during the Chedalonian Civil War.
The Dhilani Swarm Fighter is a small and fast attack ship in service to the Dhilani Space armada. Deployed in large swarms these fighters are intended to literally overrun enemy forces.
The Dhilani Sentinel is a slim and fragile looking craft mostly used for atmospheric combat. Its speed and agility along with its small shape make it an excellent interceptor.

Superiority & Long Range Starfighters

Designed as independent combat units Superiority fighters are larger and slower but therefore more powerful and versatile than Interceptors. Equipped with hyperdrives and shield generators they are suitable for well intense combat as well as long range deployment without the immediate need of carrier support. Superiority fighters are alround fighters, building a compromise between weapon power, shield strength and engine performance.

The XT-1 Viper is the first model from ShiCon Dynamics' XT-series of long range starfighters. It was commissioned by the Cophuranee Government roughly thirty years before the foundation of the United Planets as a means to secure in-system travel routes. The goal was to provide mobile long range fighter support that didn't have to rely on carrier vessels or local Toutposts.
The XT-20 Victory is a light sector patrol fighter. The first of Shicon's Victory Series, the XT-20 focuses on practicality, functionality and reliability. Offensive and defensive capabilities are balanced and adequate for the fighter's role, allowing the XT-20 to be commissioned at acceptable costs and deployed in a wide variety of tasks. Due to the lack of a hyperdrive the XT-20 is sector-bound or requires a carrier vessel for long distance travel or intersystem deploymebnt.
The XT-25 B Raptor is the fifth iteration in ShiCon's XT2-series. Commonly referred to as the Victory Mk2, being an almost complete revision of the Victory's base design to produce a fighter craft dedicated for pure combat superiority. Benefitting from new R&D breakthroughs in power distribution and resource management the 'Vic2' has received major upgrades to weapons, shields and engines, while maintaining the same sleek frame as its predecessor.
The XT-26C Phantom is a custom retrofit of the popular XT-25B. With only a handful of units produced in secret, the XT-26 is the undisputed apex among the Victory Series. Utilizing salvaged technology from captured Dhilani fighters, the Phantom has received countless upgrades and modifications to weaponry, shielding and propulsion systems.
The sleek XT-30 Piranha is the fastest and most advanced stock fighter in ShiCon's XT-branch. Size and weight have been reduced radically and new, advanced thrusters have been added at the expense of a yet acceptable reduction of shield strength and weapon charge.
The XT-38 Cobra, nicknamed the "Heavy Piranha" bases off the original XT-30 with the addition of improved armoring, increased thruster power as well as a pair of top-mounted EMP cannons.
The RTS-7 Predator is a fighter mainly used by pirates and mercenaries alike throughout the known territory. Cheap in production it carries a quartet of laser cannons and a pair of missile launchers.
The Sinicyan D-22 Siren is a light one-man fighter used throughout the Sinician Matriarchy. Fast and maneuverable it carries a quartet of heavy blasters as well as two missile launchers.
The TL-80 Sparrow is a Sector defense fighter used throughout (WHERE?)

Bombers & Gunboats

These heavily armed vessels are the most powerful among starfighters. Usually slow and powerful they aim for long distance combat, engaging targets with warheads or EMP blasts and, if under attack, be able to absorb a maximum punishment thanks to strong shields. While many of these crafts have integrated hyperdrives, there are a few carrier based models who have this feature ommitted for the sake of a larger payload.

The BX-80 Dragonfly Bomber is part of a successful line of 2-man attack vessels. Loaded with several warhead launchers, four plasma cannons and a pair of EMP blasters it is a serious heavyweight, which, deployed in wolfpacks can have devastating effects on enemy targets both big and small.
The BX-88 Scarab is a Gunship iteration within the BX-8 Assault Fighter Series. Unlike the Dragonfly it focuses on the use of long range gunnery. Carrying four high energy laser cannons, the Wyvern acts as a sort-of sniper, picking on enemy vessels from a large distance without having to engage in close combat or even dogfights. A pair of missile launchers provide additional firepower against fast moving targets before those can become a threat.
The Legionaire II Gunboat is a heavy attack fighter used within the Cophuranee navy. Its two pairs of wings can be outfittet with a multitude of weapon confiigurations, while its spacey interior can accommodate pilots on long distant journeys.
The Sinicyan AF-1 Battlemaiden is a Bomber/Gunboat in service to the Sinicyan Matriacy.
The Dhilani Octopow is the Dhilani Understanding of a heavy gunboat could be best described as a flying energy gattling gun than anything else. The rear half of the main boy is basically one big engine propelling the Octopus to enormous speeds to allow fast and furious attack runs towards large targets.
C24 Spectre
D22 Raptoad

Comparison Table

Model Nr. Ship Name Ship Type Manufacturer Used by Length Speed
XT-1 Viper Superiority ShiCon Dynamics Corp. Cophuranee Navy 15m m/s
XT-5 Interceptor ShiCon Dynamics Corp. Briceran Royal Space Forces 10m m/s
XT-20 Victory Superiority ShiCon Dynamics Corp. Briceran Royal Space Forces 14m m/s
XT-21L Victory Scout Interceptor ShiCon Dynamics Corp. Briceran Royal Space Forces 10m m/s
XT-22 Victory Stealth Interceptor ShiCon Dynamics Corp. Briceran Royal Space Forces 10m m/s
XT-25B Raptor Superiority ShiCon Dynamics Corp. Briceran Royal Space Forces 14m m/s
XT-26C Phantom Superiority ShiCon Dynamics Corp. Task Force: Warrior 14m m/s
XT-30 Piranha Superiority ShiCon Dynamics Corp. United Planets' Military Forces 9.8m m/s
XT-38 Cobra Superiority ShiCon Dynamics Corp. United Planets' Military Forces 9.8m m/s
BX-80 Dragonfly Bomber ShiCon Dynamics Corp. Various 15m m/s
BX-88 Scarab Gunship ShiCon Dynamics Corp. Various 15m m/s
X4 Mosquito Interceptor Khetaris Engineering Khetarian Corporate Militia 6,5m m/s
F22 Siren Interceptor Mitech Space Engineering Sinician Matriarcy m m/s
RTS7 Predator Superiority Khetaris Engineering Khetaris Cartel Militia ca.16m m/s
Legionaire II Gunboat Cophris Star Drives Cophuranee Navy 18m m/s
Nemesis Interceptor Charnali Fleet Yards Dhilani Armada 8m m/s
Sentinel Interceptor Charnali Fleet Yards Dhilani Armada 7m m/s
Vampire Superiority Charnali Fleet Yards Dhilani Armada 9m m/s
Octopus Gunship Charnali Fleet Yards Dhilani Armada 11.5m m/s
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