Space Stations




Abyss Detention Facility The Abyss This maximum security level prison station holds the most dangerous and notorious criminals from all across the United Planets. Located at the gravitational edge of a massive black hole the station is equipped with a set of powerful thrusters, which keep it at a safe distance.
Alandis Star Dock Alandis System The huge space station orbiting the ESS' capital of Alandis Prime - or New Cophuran, is a massive construction serving as both defense base and space harbour.
Bridesta One Hedrec System A massive space station in orbit the planet Bricera. It is the first of a total of 6 Diamond-class Space Stations guarding the planet
Brigona Outpost Hedrec System Brigona is a major Briceran Outpost and listening station placed near the planet Hedrec. During the Briceran-Khetarian border conflict, it was one of the many border stations keeping watch for any hostile actions that might come from the hated Khisar clan.
Charnali Shipyard Dhlerot System This giant construction site is the Dhilani armada's principal shipyard. Located deep inside the Charnali Cluster it is both disguised and protected by the clusters dense asteroid.
The Forge Hedrec System This former mining outpost deep within the Bricera Asteroid Field as been modified and reimagined to serve as carrier platform for the first fusion cannon prototype.
Fabaron Depot Veno System A weapons and supply depot set up by the United Planets after their push into the Veno-System. Thhe Depot was fortified to hold off raids by local pirates as well as attacks from the rebelling Task Force.
Khisar Fortress Hedrec System The Khisar clan's massive space fortress is located at the heart of Khisar space, far away from the intersystem border.
Lucky Baron's Casino Hedrec System The Lucky Baron is a large casino station near the core of the Hedrec System. During the Hedrecian Feud it was the only proactively neutral location throughout the system. Staffed with private security forces and a small armada of paramilitary guards the Casino made sure its patrons would keep the peace - as well as fend off any attempts to be annected by eihter Briceran or Torlacian forces.
Marity Depot Cophura System The Marity Depot is a cargo facilty and waypoints tation between the planets Cophuran and Haerolon.
Outpost Haerolon Cophura System Built near the equally named gas giant, Outpost Haerolon serves as a forward fortification and waypoint station, providing sector security, supplies and support to a large number of trade vessels travelling between Cophuran and other Systems. The station, originally intended as a mere security outpost has, through the years, expanded and is now the central trade nexus throughout the northern ESS territory.
Pirecco Base Andarian System An abandoned Smuggers outpost in the Pirecco cluster once served as hideout for Vince Trageton during his flight from the Dhilani. Years later it became the home base for the rebellion known as Task Force: Warrior.
Sinicy Prime Orbital Spaceport Sinix System
Spectre Base Bermuda Passage A R&D base and shipyard built around and into a large asteroid within the dense mists of the Bermuda Passage. Little is known about this mysterious construction site, especially since there hasn't been any contact from the on-site crews for several years.
Treecus Colonies Cophura System The Treecus colonies are a number of civilian colony space stations orbiting or in close vicinity to Cophuran.
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