The Traquia is the new flagship of the Phoenix Systems Alliance, which entered service around fifteen years after the final battle for Khetaris. More than twice the size of any other known dreadnought this massive vessel sets a new standard for modern weapons technology, introducing the newly developed Omega-Array technology along with carrying an impressive six fusion cannons.

Despite all its firepower the Traquia mainly acts as a command ship and safe harbour. Large hangar bays and docking hubs offer space for countless vessels even up to frigate-sized ships, while approaching enemies are kept well at safe distance by the Traquia’s various long range weapons. The ship is also equipeed with a number of point defense and anti-fighter weapons, which are mainly located around critical spots and potential vulnerabilities, such as hangars, primary weapon emplacements or command modules, rather than being spread all over the ship. This approach is more than sufficient since the ship's thick armor and shields are pretty much capable to shrug off most attacks, even - to a point - direct collisions with other ships.

Since its introduction in 2546 the ‘Sword of the Stars’, as some call it, is the ultimate symbol of the Empire’s quick ascension and flourish as well as its unbendable will and resolve to strike back at any aggressor.

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