The Warrior-Class Dreadnought, or Supreme Battlecruiser (SBC), is the UPMF's newest development in fleet technology. Proposed by Briceran Overlord and UPA President Jarris Vaylon as the new flagship of the intersystem alliance - a symbol of their mutual allegiance and resolve - this 5km behemoth emulates the firepower and combat capabilities of an entire fleet.

Along with an extensive complement of medium and heavy weapon emplacements, the SBC is equipeed with a bow-mounted heavy fusion cannon. This prototype fires a focused particle beam to weakon and pierce through a target's shields and armor, followed by the main payload, a charge of concentrated plasma which upon detonation unleashes energy equivalent of a thermonuclear warhead, powerful enough to severely damage or even destroy other capital ships.

With this devastating weapon the dreadnought introduces a new generation of warfare, especially since this new primary weapon drastically increases a ship's firing range thus giving it a significant edge in battle.

Staff & Crew

Name Position
Cpt George Blexton Captain
Lt. Jacob Wiggins Chief Communications Officer
Lt. Gariel Vacter Chief Sensors Officer
Lt. Harry Platon Chief Gunnery Officer
Sgt. Eddie Mullins Chief of Starfighter Maintenance

Stationed Squadrons

Squadron name Commander Preferred ships Role
Phantom Squadron Vince Trageton (later Myrna Qhalic) 12x XT-25 B Raptor Superiority
Viper Squadron 12x XT-20 Victory Superiority
Shadow Squadron Graygh Trughet 10x XT-22 Stealth Covert Assault
12x XT-21 Scout Reconnaisance
Hammer Squadron 10x BX-88 Scarab Heavy Assaut
Anvil Squadron 10x BX-80 Dragonfly Heavy Assaut


The Warrior met its end during the Battle for the Adminis System, where it was badly damaged by the self-destruct explosion of the SBS Hera. The explosion utterly vaporized the Warrior's bow and caused severe structural ruptures across its midship section. With the battle heading to a close, PSA Supreme Commander Vince Trageton decided to evacuate the ship and transfer command to the new PSA flagship, SBS Traquia.


Dev notes

  • This ship and other BPC designs currently undergoing a design revision. This may range from minor visual changes in some caes to complete redesigns in others. Details can be found here.
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