Derived from an armed freighter this medium-sized capital ship is used by Khetarian corporate militia as well as concern officials as a mobile base of operations to protect their most valuable assets in pirate infested sectors. Incorporating a host of offensive and defensive weaponry for area superiority its large forward hangar offers space for fighters or supply craft.

Raptor Frigates are to be regarded a hybrid between a frigate and a destroyer. While their slender shape seems disadvantageous under direct assault, it also reduces their overall profile, compensating for only moderate shielding. On the offensive the spread-out weapon layout allows for a wide firing arc for a majority of the ship's weapons.


Extracted bits of the Raptor's neck section were used as basis for the Seraphim's design.

Dev notes

  • Until recently, the ship was about twice its current size, set at a length of 600 meters. I eventually scaled it down, deciding that for a frigate it was way too big.
  • This ship and other BPC designs currently undergoing a design revision. This may range from minor visual changes in some caes to complete redesigns in others. Details can be found here.
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