The Cophuranee Patriot is a medium sized escort and reconnaisance ship. Due to its speed and its ability to land on planetary surfaces it is also often used to breach enemy lines and support evacuations or invasion forces.

Mark II

The second generation Patriot was developed as a meansto respond to constant pirate attacks on trade routes and distant colonies. In an effort to take the fight to the enemy the Patriot Mk II has been slightly stripped of its maneuverability for the sake of a greater cargo capacity to hold supplies, troops and ground vehicles.

In addition, a pair of mounted hangar bays has been added for starfighter support, allowing the ship to operate as a mobile base of operations in nonsecure sectors.

Finally, the ship's slightly outdated weapon systems have been upgraded and now included a number of twin-barreled DIP-turrets.


  • The Frigate was first introduced in the revision of the fifth LIONS comic, Shadows over Bricera, where it was involved in the evacuation of Bridesta 1.
  • The Mark II was actually the original design as depicted in the comic, with the Mark I being derived from it.

Dev notes

This ship and other BPC designs currently undergoing a design revision. This may range from minor visual changes in some caes to complete redesigns in others. Details can be found here.

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