The lore overhaul is a process that started a few years ago when I started taking a closer look at what I had established so far and what of it actually made any sense. Through the course of the various battlethreads some backstories have been fleshed out in great detail requiring that I take a closer look at what happened beforehand.

While I have to consider various story arcs, events and characters as alternated universe or crossover content, I intend to weave as much as possible into the story without sacrificing its individuality. After all, The Blue Phantom Chronicles is supposed to be an universe of its own, formally unrelated to any other franchise.

Now, back to the beginning. Revisiting the various bits of information assembled over the years, quite a few of the appeared unfitting, illogical or plain dumb to me. After all, I created all of this over a period of 20 years, a lot of time to mature and view things differently than I did back then. Furthermore recreating various ships in a 1:1 scale within the Space Engineers game engine revealed some aspects about certain ships which I think need to be rethought.

So what will this overhaul impact? How far will this go? It depends. While some aspects may remain untouched, some may receive slight changes - a ship being renamed or resized, a character bio altered. In more severe cases, I may utterly change the course of history or replace a ship with a different one. In the following I'll try to note all the changes that I have made and will be making, ordered and by category.


Name (old) Name (new) Description of change
Mryna Qhalic Myrna Qhalic
  • First name changed from Mryna for better pronounciation.
  • Moved into focus as one of the main characters
Shiromy Gitann Altered life on Bricera prior to her wedding with Jarris Vaylon to establish connection to Myrna Qhalic.


Name (old) Name (New) List/description of change
XT-100 Viper XT-1 Viper
  • Reduced model number to a 1-digit number, emphasizing that this is actually the first ship of the XT-Line
XT-250 B Victory Mk2 XT-25B Raptor
  • Reduced model number to a 2-digit number
  • added precursor models
  • Minor model redesign in progress
XT-300 Piranha XT-30 Piranha
  • Reduced model number to a 2-digit number
BX-800 Dragonfly BX-80 Dragonfly
  • Reduced model number to a 2-digit number
  • Complete model redesign in progress
  • Split up into 2 distinct ships, One Gunboat, one Bomber
Liberator-class Corvette Principal-class Freighter
  • Changed the name
Spearhead-class Frigate Firelance-class Monitor
  • Changed the name; for a long-range artillery ship the term 'Spearhead' doesn't quite fit.
  • Changed ship type from Frigate to Montitor (carries big gun)
  • Complete model redesign planned
Raptor-class Frigate
Praetorian-class Dreadnought Praetorian-class Carrier
The Seraphim
  • Model Redesign: Extended the ship's engine section by 100 meters
  • Redesign of primary weapon systems in progress, giving the Seraphim the very first prototypes of the later popular Omega Beam Cannons.
Phoenix-class Cruiser Phoenix-class Battlecruiser
  • Changed Ship type to Battlecruiser
Dhilani Mammoth


Name Category Description of change



Description of change

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