The Inferno Cruiser is the most common capital ship within the Cophuranee navy and representative for the Cophuranee design philosophy of condensing a powerful war machine into a compact low-profile frame. Layers of thick armor plating cover vital areas, while the exposed parts are covered with countless defensive point defense cannons.

Along with its defensive weaponry the Inferno is outfitted with a considerable number of heavy turrets capable of both long range precision strikes as well as devastating broadside bombardments.

A pair of hangar bays offers space for fighters, shuttles or supply craft.

Named ships

Ship Name Commander Entered service End of service
Inferno Ray Firkis


  • The Inferno Crusier is based on a drawing I created in 11th grade and has pretty mch stayed true to the original in both design and name.
  • Through the course of time the classification has bounced between destroyer and cruiser but ultimately returned to its original intention, cruiser.
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