Over the past few years the TBP storyline, while evolving around itself, has been tied into a series of crossover stories with other Sci-Fi universes thhrough the course of story threads I participated in over at the XWA Upgrade Project Forum. While some elements of these plots, may partially tie into the canon TBP story, I consider the rest crossover and alternate realities.

List of Battle Threads

This bit has been taken from a summary thread I posted over at the XWA Upgrade Forums: The list is still a work in progress: I still need to sort all the threads in order. While most of the threads leading up to The Battle of Remora III are somewhat random with regards to time and place, from there, the story from there did follow a rough continuity.

Also note that the name provided is the name of the thread, not necessarily giving any insight on the events themselves.

Link Thread name Started by Participants
Link L33t Wars Major Wes Janson
Link Moo Squadron: The Battle of Carmox VII Rich C
Link The Battle for the Outer Rim I: Cmdr. Krellick BattleDog
Link The Battle for the Outer Rim II: Showdown Earth Major Wes Janson
Link The Battle for the Outer Rim III Geekwithpower
Link The Battle of Charnali General_Trageton
Link Shall we battle? Geekwithpower
Link Mission: Arms Race Major Wes Janson
Link Survival of the Fittest: The Onyx Nebula General Edor Crespin
Link Prepare for battle General Edor Crespin
Link The Battle for Remora III BattleDog
Link Battle of Adminis System I mateus
Link Battle of Adminis System II: The Hunt General_Trageton
Link Battle of Adminis System III: Reunion General_Trageton
Link Open Battle Andrew L
  • Andrew L
  • General_Trageton
  • Major Wes Janson
  • Mako
  • BattleDog
  • ...
Link Open Battle II: A new fight Andrew L
Link OPen Battle III: The War Andrew L
Link Open War: A galaxy in flames General_Trageton
Link Open War II: Chronicles of Darkness General_Trageton
Link Open War III: Reign of Chaos Mako
Link Open War IV: Dark Renaisance General_Trageton
Link Open War X: Darkness beyond the horizon General_Trageton General_Trageton, Drake 26
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