The Hera is an Empress-class Dreadnought is a massive battleship, designed and built after the fatal incident of losing the Inferno II to the renegade Task Force: Warrior. The huge dreadnought measures almost 4.5 kilometers from bow to stern and was built under joined efforts by Sinician, Khetarian and Briceran engineers and also incorporating advanced technology from captured Cophuranee and Dhilani vessels. In hindsight building this ship was considered by many to have been an act of desparation.

Unlike other super dreadnoughts like the SBC Warrior, whose construction had taken several years for the sake of thoroughness and quality, the Hera's construction had been rushed through a critical 11 months, which resulted in numerous technical flaws like system failures and integrity disruptions upon launch, which resulted in the Empress never being actively deployed in a combat situation and instead stationed as guardian above the Sinican homeworld, a sad reminder of the UPMF's greatest failure.

Named ships

Ship name Commander Start of Service End of Service
Empress never 2531
Hera Alyn Yadrec 2340 (destroyed)

[Crossover] Yadrec's Vengeance

Several years later, the disgraced former UPMF Supreme Commander Alyn Yadrec would secretly commission the construction of a second Empress-class, which under the name Hera would face off against the still young Phoenix Systems Alliance in the Battle for Adminis. While this time construction had not been rushed and the fatal flaws of the the ship's earlier incarnation had been eradicated, the Hera and her fleet were still overpowered by the PSA's forces and forced to withdraw. Driven by rage Yadrec initiated the ship's self-destruction and was as such able to score a smal triiumph: The ensueing explosion was powerful enough to severely damage the PSA flagship Warrior so that it, too, had to be abandoned.

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