The gigantic Leviathan is the pinnacle of Dhilani warfare. With almost four miles from bow to stern this titan is the most powerful ship ever built within the Dhilani Armada. Leviathans are the command ships leading massive Dhilani battle groups with several carriers, troop ships and destroyers accompanying them.

Apart from its immense firepower the Leviathan is equipped with advanced shielding technology, which allows the ship to partially absorb some of the energy output sustained from enemy fire and transform it to add to its own power supply. Faced with an inferior enemy force this results in the Leviathan becoming increasingly stronger through the length of a battle.

This technology, although highly effective against defensive enemy fire, becomes more of a risk the more powerful an enemy is and the more energy the shields have to absorb at a time. Faced with high energy weaponry like fusion cannons, the transformators will eventually fail in their task and overload, leaving the ship exposed and vulnerable.


  • The Leviathan's design has gone through several revisions.
  • It's original name was Hammershark due to the slighty arched hammer-shaped bow section which vagually reminded of a Hammerhead shark.
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