Cophuranee are a humanoid species from the planet of Cophuran. Originating from the first settlers, life on their new homewordl has eventually caused a metamorphosis in their skin and hair-color.

Physiology and Appearance

While Cophuranee share the overall physiology with any other humoid race, they are easily distinguishable by their blue-tinted skin, eyes and flat dark hair that ranges from black to blue or purple. A Cophuranee's appearance may also be an indicator of their age, with young displaying deep sky-blue or cyan skin, dark blue eyes and black hair, which proceeds to grow lighter and loose saturation as they age. An elder Cophuranee's skin may be a light gray or almost white. Analogously, the hair changes from black or dark blue to a silver-cobalt blue and finally silvery-white.

Cross-breeding with other humanoid species results in the offspring sharing characteristics of both parents. For example with Kyaara Trageton, who inherited her father's blue-black hair bfut her mother's green eyes. Meanwhile her skin remains mostly human-like tan, however with an ever-so slight hint of peach-tint.


Advantagious conditions have led the Cophuranee metabolism to age alot slower of that of a normal human being, allowing them to reach age of 150 to 180 years.


Throughout history the Cophuranee have faced countless battles against numerous agressors trying to take over or forcefully colonize their world. This has left its traces on their character. Cophuranee are as such known to carry themselves with pride and self-confidence, usually commanding natural authority inspiring resolve in others. Willing to stand up and fight at any given time the Cophuranee are a population of warriors from the heart, though not for the sake of fighting but to defend a cause.

Prominent members


  • Cophuranee were first introduced in the fourth LIONS comic, Dalor's Revenge, the first being a barkeeper onboard the space station Bridesta 1.
  • The race was first depicted as an anthropomorphed Xenomorph-like Alien. (Weird stuff, really)
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