Cophura is one of the 3 core systems of human settlement in the new United Planets Alliance territory. After Hedrec it was the second system to be colonized by humans.

List of planets

Planet Classification
Cophuran Prime World
Corbidia Secondary World
Haerolon Tertiary World

Tertiary World

Space Stations



Marity Depot The Marity Depot is a cargo facilty and waypoints tation between the planets Cophuran and Haerolon.

Outpost Haerolon Built near the equally named gas giant, Outpost Haerolon serves as a forward fortification and waypoint station, providing sector security, supplies and support to a large number of trade vessels travelling between Cophuran and other Systems. The station, originally intended as a mere security outpost has, through the years, expanded and is now the central trade nexus throughout the northern ESS territory.

Treecus Colonies The Treecus colonies are a number of civilian colony space stations orbiting or in close vicinity to Cophuran.

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