Frigates are designed mainly as patrol and escort vessels. Measuring from 200m to up to about 600 meters frigates are designed mainly as patrol and escort vessels. Equipped with mostly light and medium caliber weaponry they specialize on fighting numerous smaller targets like star fighters. Their speed allows them to either race to another ship's defense or, in an offensive role, prevent their targets from escaping.

Deployed in groups frigates can also provide an effective screen to distract or even overwhelm larger capital ships.

The FX-40 Intrepid-class Frigate is a light frigate designed by Shicon Dynamics for the Bricera navy and orbital police force. Like many of Bricera's vessels, it puts an emphasis on speed and performance rather than firepower, which allows it to easily catch or outmaneuver transport ships.
The Cophuranee Patriot-class Frigate is a medium sized escort and reconnaisance ship. Due to its speed and its ability to land on planetary surfaces it is also often used to breach enemy lines and support evacuations or invasion forces.
The Harker-class Frigate is the first warship built and deployed by the UPSF in the past-schism era. Named after Admiral James C. Harker, the name honors the deceased UPSF Admiral, one of the first commanding officers within the UPSF to openly criticize and defy the orders given by the corrupt UPA chairman Phlic Aelhoc.
The SK-60 Triton-class Support Ship is a quasi bridge between the light FX-40 Frigate and larger Briceran cruisers like the Furion or the Heavy Phoenix Battlecruiser, both size-wise as well as regarding its design. Roughly 500m in length and featuring large cargo holds and hangar bays the Triton's role is that of a support ship, like a light carrier or armed heavy freighter.
Although named a cruiser for posterity reasons the PL-58 Royal Cruiser is technically a frigate. Designed by ShiCon Dynamics this ship served as the personal ship to Briceran Overlord Sorrin Vaylon, until it was destroyed in an ambush laid out by the opposing Khisar Clan.
The Raptor-class Frigate was derived from an armed freighter. This this medium-sized capital ship is used by Khetarian corporate militia as well as concern officials as a mobile base of operations to protect their most valuable assets in pirate infested sectors.

Destroyers & Monitors

These medium-sized vessels are designed for offensive combat against other capital ships, carrying different types of heavy weapon emplacements and powerful engines. This comes at the cost of relatively light armor, weaker shields and only rudimentary defensive weaponry destroyers usually rely on a starfighter escort or are deployed in packs to execute hit-and-run attacks.

The Stalwart-class Destroyer is one of the oldest starship classes within the Cophuranee navy. Distinctively reminiscent of warships from times before the great Exodusit set the foundation for the Cophuranee starfleet. Dispite its age the Stalwart has yet to lose its edge and stays true to its name.
The Sinicyan Countess Destroyer is something of a hidden predator. While its outward appeareance suggests it to be a frigate or area superiority vessel, a half concealed heavy mass driver cannon on its ventral side provides it with a powerful weapons that can easily tear through the shields of enemy vessels. A small lateral hangar bay offers space for a small number of fighters for additional cover.
The Firelance-class Monitor is a radical concept developed in the aftermath of the Task Force Warrior crisis. Basically a monitor-type ship constructed around a single fusion cannon the Firelance is designed for capital strikes at long range with its powerful primary weapon, relying on fighter cover for protection and not least its extraordinarily long firing range.
The Dhilani Lander is a massive landing vessel in service to the Dhilani Armada. Though not technically a destroyer its ventral side is lined with a multitude of offensive weapon eplacements enabling the ship to perform a devastating carpet bombing of its designated landing zone.


Cruisers are medium to large capital ships, measuring from 800 to 2000 meters and designed to hold their ground against other capital ships and whatever comes. Carrying a large amount of weapons of varying caliber they are constructed for power and endurance in direct combat with other capital ships.

The Briceran Furion-class Light Cruiser was constructed by ShiCon Dynamics Corp at the apex of the System-wide clan feud with Torlax. Designed as a fast ship for quick intervention deployment and yet heavily armed anad with adequate armor the Furion was tasked to fight off groups of attacking frigates or breach into enemy formations.
The Inferno-class Cruiser is the most common large capital ship within the Cophuranee navy. While small compared to other cruisers, it is an example of the Cophuranee philosophy of pragmatism and packing everything in a small frame, ommitting unnecessary details. Thus the Inferno is outfitted with a considerable number of heavy turrets as well as a wide screen of lighter broadside batteries covering its sides.

The Seraphim is a heavy cruiser of about 940 metrers in length. A shroud of mysteries wafts around this barely known vessel, which is said to have been discovered in the dark mists of the Bermuda passage.

The Mirage is a ship unlike any other. Equipped with a number of Mass Generators and a prototype holoprojector the Mirage is able to create a foolproof illusion of the much larger SBS Traquia to act as a decoy.
The Sinicyan Duchess is a light cruiser in service of the Sinicyan Matriarchy.


Carriers act as mobile basees for starfighters and bombers. Not designed for ship-to-ship combat they carry moderate anti-fighter weaponry while keeping their distance and relying on their escort vessels for protection. While designated as "medium" capital ships, their sizes may vary from half a kilometer to almost 2 km

The Brigon-class Carrier is a heavy carrier in service to the Briceran Monarchy and later the United Planets. The A-25/C Brigon shares many similarities with the more-combat oriented Phoenix-class Battlecruiser. Its most distinctive difference ae a series of large hangar bays along the ship's mid section as well as its wings not facing downward
The bulky Praetorian-class Carrier is an old yet powerful vessel. Persistent and reliable, mainly used by Corporate Security Forces. Being a non-sanctioned commission the Praetorian is also found in less populated sectors, serving local militia forces as flagship and mobile base of operations.
The massive Sinicyan Matriarch Carrier is as much a flagship as it is a carrier, serving within the Sinicyan Matriarcy. Measuring almost 2 kilometers it is one of the largest ships of its category. Its volumous hull can hold up to 8 squadrons of starfighters and plus support vehicles, staff and equipment.

The Dhilani Mammoth is a carrier vessel, derived from the Dhilani Warbird, designed to transport and coordinate large numbers of Dhilani swarm fighters. The huge hangar bay, which measures a quart of the ship's size, can easily hold over 500 fighters. Equipped with a complex system of communication arrays these carriers also act as tactical coordination and communication platforms for the fighters.

The Dhilani Tridentis one of Dhilani Armada's trademark battleships. One mile of pure war machinery, this cruiser fulfils a dual purpose, acting as an invasion carrier and a heavy combat vessel.


Slightly larger than average cruisers Battlecruisers carry mainly heavy weapons for long range ship to ship combat, relying on their thick armor and strong shields to hold their ground, while their own frigates and fighter screens keep them clear of any immediate threats.

The A-25 Phoenix-class Battlecruiser is a heavy warship, constructed in the late days of the Briceran monarchy and introduced into the UPMF Navy. With a length of almost 1,400 meters it is a stalwart standalone war machine that has proven its reliability in battle many times.
Constructed at around 2510 UPT the Titan-class Battleship was the crown jewel within the Cophuranee navy and arguably one of the most awe inspiring vessels of its time all across the UPA territory. Over a mile in length it doubles its smaller brother, the Inferno, in size and has enough hangar space to hold ships up to corvette class.
The Ascension-class Battlecruiser is the first UPMF-commissioned heavy warship after almost two decades since the fall of the UPA and their inclusion into the ESS as a menas to modernize the slightly aged UPMF fleet. The battlecruiser adopts various design elements from various UPMF warships such as the Phoenix Cruiser and even the Warrior SBC.
The Dhilani Heavy Cruiser, or Dhilani Warbird, has been designed for a single purpose: destruction. This massive warship, which measures almost 2 kilometers in length, has been stripped of everything not dedicated for heavy combat warfare, such as hangar bays or troop garrisons. While it may be by far not the largest or most powerful Dhilani ship, it is nonetheless superior in size and firepower to most other ships of its time.
The Sinicyan Baroness is a heavy cruiser within the Sinician Matriarchy. Over a mile in length it is rivaled by few.
The Despot-class Battlecruiser is a heavy cruiser of just over a kilometer length., constructed in 2531 to serve as a carrier platform for swarms of X4 Mosquitos, but was ultimately seized by the Task Force: Warrior and renamed Inferno II.


These are true giants on the battlefield, dwarfing anything around them. Several miles in length these behemoths carry the heaviest armor, the strongest shields and the most powerful weaponry of all, they are the undisputed champions. While their defenses create an impenetrable barrier for any small craft attacking them, their heavy weaponrs, often augmented by a small number of powerful primary weapon systems make short work of other capital ships.

The SBC Warrior is the UPMF's newest development in fleet technology. Proposed by Briceran Overlord and UPA President Jarris Vaylon as the new flagship of the intersystem alliance - a symbol of their mutual allegiance and resolve - this 5km behemoth compensates the firepower of an entire fleet.

The gigantic Dhilani Leviathan is the pinnacle of Dhilani warfare. With almost four miles from bow to stern this titan is the most powerful ship ever built within the Dhilani Armada. As command ships Leviathans lead massive battle groups of carriers, troop ships and destroyers.


The Empress-class Dreadnought was designed and built after the fatal failure of losing the Inferno II to the renegade Task Force Warrior. The huge dreadnought measures almost three kilometers from bow to stern andwas built under joined efforts by Sinician, Khetarian and Briceran engineers and also incorporating advanced technology from captured Cophuranee and Dhilani vessels.

The SBS Traquia is the new flagship of the ESS, which entered service around fifteen years after the final battle for Khetaris. More than twice the size of any other known dreadnought this gargantuan vessel sets a new standard for modern warship design.

Comparison Table

Model Nr. Ship Name Ship Type Manufacturer Used by Length Speed
FX-40 Intrepid Frigate ShiCon Dynamics Corp. Briceran Royal Space Forces 222m m/s
Patriot Frigate Cophris Star Drives Cophuranee Navy 281m m/s
Patriot Mk2 Frigate Cophris Star Drives Cophuranee Navy 300m m/s
SK-60 Triton Support Frigate ShiCon Dynamics Corp. Briceran Royal Space Forces 520m m/s
Raptor Frigate Khetaris Engineering Khetarian Corporate Forces 401m m/s
Firelance Destroyer Cophris Star Drives Cophuranee Navy 320m m/s
Countess Destroyer Mitech Space Engineering Sinician Matriarcy 419m m/s
Stalwart Destroyer Cophris Star Drives Cophuranee Navy 300m m/s
Dhilani Lander Destroyer Charnali Fleet Yards Dhilani Armada 516m m/s
Furion Cruiser ShiCon Dynamics Corp. Briceran Royal Space Forces 890m m/s
Seraphim Cruiser Unknown Unknown 938m m/s
Duchess Cruiser Mitech Space Engineering Sinician Matriarcy 700m m/s
Inferno Cruiser Cophris Star Drives Cophuranee Navy 881m m/s
A-25 Phoenix Battlecruiser ShiCon Dynamics Corp. Briceran Royal Navy 1,380m m/s
Titan Battlecruiser Cophris Star Drives Cophuranee Navy 1,599m m/s
Inferno II Battlecruiser Mitech Space Engineering ESS Navy 1,070m m/s
Baroness Battlecruiser Mitech Space Engineering Sinician Matriarcy m/s
Warbird Battlecruiser Charnali Fleet Yards Dhilani Armada 1,900m m/s
Ascension Battlecruiser ShiCon Dynamics Corp. United Planets 2,420m m/s
A-25/C Brigon Carrier ShiCon Dynamics Corp. Briceran Royal Navy 1,380m m/s
Praetorian Carrier Khetaris Engineering Various 845m m/s
Matriarch Carrier Mitech Space Engineering Sinician Matriarcy 1,720m m/s
Mammoth Carrier Charnali Fleet Yards Dhilani Armada 1,900m m/s
Trident Carrier Charnali Fleet Yards Dhilani Armada 1,680m m/s
Warrior Battleship ShiCon Dynamics Corp. United Planets' Military Forces 5,000m m/s
Empress Dreadnought Mitech Space Engineering Sinician Matriarcy 3,100m m/s
Dhilani Leviathan Dreadnought Charnali Fleet Yards Dhilani Armada 5,770m m/s
Traquia Battleship ShiCon Dynamics Corp. ESS Navy 13,810m m/s
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