This sleek corvette is ShiCon Dynamics' largest transport vessel. Fast and maneuverable it was originally designed as a transit vessel for higher ranking personnel. Due to its flexibility the CSX-600 was soon found well suitable for troop deployment and evacuation as well as even deep space combat missions.

As is common with most of ShiCon's constructions, the CSX benefits from the its trademark customizability and the company itself offering numerous prefabricated upgrade modules, including various armor and shield upgrades and a considerable arsenal of offensive and defensive weapons, allowing the CSX-600 to break through blockades, shake off followers or engage in quick hit-and-run assaults.

Recent breakthroughs in stealth technology have brought forth another modification is likely to make it into military line production. The CSX/S is a stealth version carrying this experimental stealth armor which obscures the ship for most sensors without the requirement of an actual cloaking device.

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