• Vince Trageton

    I've purged the old battlethreads Wiki of all content and pretty much closed it down, since I'll include all that content in this wiki.

    Everything that cannot be linked to the BPC canon will be categorized as Crossover content. This includes everything connected with copyrighted contend from franchises like Star Wars etc.

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  • Vince Trageton

    Content update

    September 7, 2018 by Vince Trageton

    Rough structure stands. Now to fill it with life (which may take a while.

    The old home page will eventually cease to exist and the link will instead redirect to this wiki.
    The TBP-related OPTs will be moved to my VXHQ homepage, which will act as central hub for all my game content releases and WIPs. Regarding progress updates and such I'm still deliberating where I'm going to put them, but that's a question for a later time.

    For the future I plan on re-releasing some of the TBP models with stats and info altered to match the new ‚canon‘. In some cases the models themselves will have their size updated (e.g. Raptor Frigate will be scaled down from 600m to about 400m). Some re-releases will go further but I‘ll get to that at a la…

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