The BRX-750 'Scorpion' was ShiCon's solution to several high profile requests for a more combat-worthy light transport. Based on the classic BRX-700 frame, the ship comes with a variety of pre-installed upgrade modules. Where its predecessor's stock version was equipped with only a defensive quad turret, the BRX-750 is shipped with a pair of forward twin-barreled plasma cannons.

By far not as popular as its predecessor the BRX-750 is, by itself, not a bad ship. It is merely its shifted focus from utility to combat, which slightly diminishes its multipurpose usefulness and therefore limits its clientele to a select few.

The Black Scorpion

The prototype of this new series, codenamed 'Black Scorpion' is the personal ship of Myrna Qhalic. It was given to her by her father and Shicon's CEO Luhyien Qhalic for 'testing and evaluation' purposes. During her service as a black ops agent to the Briceran Overlord Jarris Vaylon, Myrna installed numerous upgrades and modifications to the ship and, much like her one-time mentor and friend Vince Trageton, turned this already formidable combat vessel into a fierce fighting machine well on par with contemporary starfighters.


This ship and other BPC designs currently undergoing a design revision. This may range from minor visual changes in some caes to complete redesigns in others. Details can be found here.

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