Asteroid Clusters




Barjin Cluster Cophura System This large asteroid ring, circling the planet Haerolon was formed through the collision of the gas giant's sole moon Barjin with a large passing comet swarm which utterly perforated the planetoid until it broke apart.

Devoid of any valuable mineral resources the Barjin Cluster has remained mostly unattractive fro mining efforts, and has instead become a safe haven for numerous pirate bands setting up strongholds between the slow-moving asteroids, also credit to the vicinity to the busy Haerolon Trade node.

The Barrier Diram System Commonly known as the barrier this area marks the so far impenetrable south-eastern border of the known territory. The reason for this are the asteroids themselves. While not overly large or fast moving, they consist of a highly volatile mineral known as Caenium, which reacts to minimal changes in temparatur and, in some cases electromagnetic impulses, making starship passage through this area with current technology virtually impossible.
Blackice Cluster Thalas System Opposed to what its name suggests this dense asteroid field is not made up of ice or any form of frozen liquid. The black semi-reflective crystals are the last remains of a planet's cataclysmic destruction. While the details remain a mystery it appears that the energy put out by the explosion was enough to vaporize everything safe for these hyper-resistent crystals.

The discorvery of the Blackice Cluster has prompted countless mining efforts driven by the prospect to discover a new type of impenetrable armor plating, yet have proven fruitless due to the crystals being virtually un-minable.

Bricera Asteroid Field Hedrec System A dense asteroid ring surrounding the Planet Bricera, the belt has been formed through the collision of the planet's dual moons in primordial times.
Caldaron Fields Oramy System Caldaron Fields is a wide asteroid field near the planet Caldaron.
Charnali Cluster Dhlerot System A large asteroid cluster in the northern regions of the Dhlerot system. As the Dhlerot system is only partially charted, there's only little information about this area. There are however rumors about a large shipyard built by the Dhilani
Fabaron Ring Veno System There is currently no information available about this Location.
Mangrovis Cluster Astyr System There is currently no information available about this Location.
Pirecco Cluster K'shiem System A large asteroid cluster in the south-western outer rim of the Veno System. Lacking any kind of worthwhile resources this asteroid field has been left unrecognized for a long time and has eventually become a hideout for smugglers and pirates, who have established a small base on one of the major asteroids.
Yathis Ice Cluster Yathis System There is currently no information available about this Location.
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